Welcome: This website is under construction and we hope you will return to see our offerings as we continue to develop it.
Stoppert and Perez love to travel, it has always been for pleasure and personal enrichment, and of course, a reason to collect. These travels have generated the acquisition of objects we want to give everyone the opportunity to experience and own.
featured image is a Yalalag necklace / chachal from the Oaxaca Mexico region. circa 1920
  Our design philosophy encourages an eclectic mixing of objects no matter what style is      the dominant decor, ultra modern to traditional. Using hand-made objects with a               history serves to bring another dimension to a space which uses primarily mass-     
  produced furniture and accessories. We feature authentic, original objects, ones where
  there is always evidence of the maker, as well as a real patina of use.
  We do re-purpose some objects on request in order to change the function.
  All of our material is guaranteed to be authentic, original antique and vintage folk and  
  ethnographic objects. We do not sell reproductions.